Fellow Brazilians, we all know that we’ve got a bit of a unique taste when it comes to porn, however the most popular searches amongst Brazilians might surprise you. They certainly surprised us while we were doing research, and while there may be some justifications, some of these popular searches are very surprising to come from Brazil. Obviously Brazilian porn is one of these, everyone loves their nation, and Brazilian chicks are hotter than most in the eyes of the world at least, and seemingly in the eyes of Brazil too.

Brazilians have an uncanny obsession with mothers it seems, for one of the most searched terms in Brazil is mom. This could be seen as rather concerning though it’s more likely the taboo aspect of it, Brazil shows off its relaxed culture in the massage search, and can we really blame them? An oiled up woman can hardly NOT get a man going.

In a country with women that beautiful, one would assume they don’t look elsewhere, however cartoon is one of the most popular searches amongst Brazilians. It seems that the grass is indeed always greener on the other, in this case drawn, side.

Now on the side that makes more sense, big ass, everyone loves one, however Brazilians seem to do so more than most, which isn’t much a surprise given that the country is pretty famous for it worldwide.

Brazilians also seem to have a thing for ruining one’s health, seeing as smoking is also in their top searches according to Pornhub. Brazilian porn seems to be quite a varied field according to these searches, and while there’s a ton of variance when it comes to this data, the bulk of it can be trusted to be more or less correct when approximating the nation’s most searched topics.

With that, we’ll have to bring this to a close, we hope we’ve helped your inner Brazil lover better understand this culture, as well as their porn watching habits, which can be quite vital to understanding a people as a collective.